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Less than $1 million (USD)
1 to 50+ Employees
CEO Vastika

CEO: Kayam Joshi

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1. Vastika – Inc.

Vastika Inc is here to help you provide every help regarding project management. Our project management service gives you successfully performed, and sound projects. Our service includes: Project Portfolio Management. Developing. Plan and leadership. Regulatory and quality. Vastika Inc is open to help anyone in your project.

2. About Us – Vastika

About Vastika. Welcome to Vastika Inc, a women-owned minority business enterprise based in Dallas, TX. We are an IT service augmentation and consulting company that provides cost-effective, quality IT and Software Engineering services to our clients. Whether you are looking to hire permanent employees, new resources for contracts, or temp to ...

3. Software Development – Vastika

At Vastika Inc, get all types of software development and application development services to build, modernize and sustain your enterprise software. Vastika Inc software services use modern technology to assist you in reaching your IT goals within today’s demanding domain. Our team of experts is adept in maintaining the entire software processes.

4. Mobile Testing – Vastika

Vastika Inc, mobile performance testing service, is for targeting usability, reliability, load and stress errors. We also test even the large applications of big businesses. We make a performance test on big apps also. Vastika Inc automates your app using both free and paid tools. Feel free to reach us and use our service for having an ...

5. Mobile Application Development – Vastika

Vastika Inc is best for application development. Your organization culture and light of imagination all depend on the app you use. Vastika Inc understands all the facts and creates an exceptional experience of the app for your company. The mobile app is being used widely than any other platform. Many businesses and enterprises are taking ...

6. Project Management – Vastika

Project Portfolio Management :Vastika Inc is not only for project implementation; instead, we also select the right project.The project that owns the best strategic alignment for efficiently using your budget, time and efforts. We assist you in finding the right project and then doing the project right.

7. Careers – Vastika

careers. At Vastika we are dedicated to finding the perfect match between a candidate and a client. Vastika Inc is constantly looking for highly motivated IT consultants.

8. Business Intelligence Service – Vastika

Our services of business intelligence include consulting and deployment, visualization, test and much more. We treat every client as our first and focus on his business requirements. We deliver the services that meet your business needs accurately. The procedure of our business intelligence service is based on the following steps: BI Consulting.

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