Textron Systems Corporation


$100 to $500 million (USD)
1001 to 5000+ Employees
CEO Textron Systems Corporation

CEO: Lisa Atherton

Textron Systems is a part of Textron, a family of powerful brands that includes Bell,
Cessna, Beechcraft, and E-Z-GO.

We proudly serve the defense, government, and aerospace industries with a broad portfolio
of products and services. Textron Systems specializes in manned and unmanned land, sea, and
air vehicles; autonomy and control systems; test, training, and simulation; weapon systems;
imagery and data analysis; and operations and logistics support. As a mid-sized company,
we bring the agility to act decisively, along with the scale and support to create
disruptive solutions for our customers and differentiating growth opportunities for our employees.

Join Textron Systems today and see how you can help meet unique mission needs.
We are all in, providing you with enduring solutions for a complex world.
Together, we put tomorrow’s technology in the world’s hands today.

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1. Pushing Past Possible | Textron Systems

Your day demands everything you have. Every capability in your tool kit should work as hard as you do. When everything’s on the line, Textron Systems is with you. Because the right technologies and the right support are powerful. Groundbreaking thinking across domains, with your success as our true north.

2. Products | Textron Systems

Advanced Boresight Equipment ®. Common alignment and measurement system. 18-month calibration cycle. See. Details. Air, Land & Sea Vehicles.

3. About Textron Systems | Textron Systems

We can scale quickly to solve the big problems, working across functions, sites and business lines to make it happen. Development, manufacturing, training, fielding, operations, support and sustainment – Textron Systems does it all with proven performance. Textron Systems is part of the eponymously named segment of Textron Inc .

4. Services & Support | Textron Systems

At Textron Systems, we are passionate about providing our customers with the support they need to accomplish their missions. Leveraging our proven approach to total life cycle support, our team is able to provide our customers with the operational, logistical and maintenance support required to keep their fleets mission ready.

5. CT Weapons | Textron Systems

The current M240L weapon and 800 rounds weighs a combined 72.4 lbs. Textron Systems' 7.62 CT MMG system reduces total system weight to 45.3 lbs – a 37% reduction – and reduces system volume by 12%. The CT MMG can also be converted to 6.5 mm CT ammunition – providing 30% more lethality when compared to the 7.62 mm cartridge.

6. One System® Remote Video Terminal(OSRVT™) | Textron …

The One System ® Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT ™) delivers full-motion video, images and critical geospatial data from a variety of sources directly to the warfighter’s fingertips.Today, we are delivering the next-generation OSRVT to U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces customers, equipped with bidirectional capability, upgraded software architecture and a …

7. Lycoming® Engines | Textron Systems

Lycoming DEL-120. The Lycoming DEL-120 is an in-line, four-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke diesel cycle, heavy fuel engine. Generating more than 200 HP of takeoff power, the DEL-120 is a FADEC controlled engine designed to run on Jet-A, Jet-A1, F-24, and JP-8 fuels.

8. COMMANDO® | Textron Systems

The COMMANDO® Family of armored vehicles features the ultimate package of combat proven lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability. Whether being used as an ambulance, armored personnel carrier, command and control, reconnaissance or directly engaging in combat, COMMANDO® vehicles are ready for action.

9. MAST™ | Textron Systems

MAST™ is a long-range ultraviolet (UV) stimulator capable of testing aircraft electro-optical (EO) sensor suites up to 5 km. Designed to operate as a pilot training tool, MAST comes equipped with day/night video recording and precision GPS instrumentation for after-action review of …

10. Havoc-M Series | Textron Systems

Textron Systems and Arctic Cat are redefining the light-tactical vehicle. The Havoc-M concept combines all-terrain performance with large, quickly configurable payload capacity - providing a platform with the power and versatility to fulfill multi …

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