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CEO Saggezza Inc

CEO: Arvind Kapur

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.

What makes Saggezza Unique?

Strong Relationships: We take the time to know our clients well, from the way they do business to their culture and their unique pain points. This level of engagement enables us to develop highly effective solutions.

Clients First: We work to understand our clients then develop a unique point of view to address their pain points. We do whatever it takes to provide the right solutions to address their specific situation.

A Trusted Partner: We collaborate as a true strategic partner and work side-by-side to develop the best solutions to bring our clients’ businesses into the future.

Passionate Mindset: We have an unending passion for technology and teamwork. We develop highly effective solutions to help our clients tackle the complex digital landscape.

Creating Value: The right investment in digital change is critical for our clients. That’s why we develop personalized, highly effective solutions that deliver value for their businesses.

Delivery Excellence: Our proven processes provide high-quality solutions that are delivered on time.
What we believe in
Our people are our biggest asset and we recognize that our success depends on their talent, motivation and expertise. Saggezza employs high calibre individuals and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and growing both professionally and personally.

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1. Saggezza | Consulting | Technology

A New Day, A New Way. Saggezza was awarded the 2021 Gold Stevie for “Best Technical Support Solution in Computer Technologies” by the International Business Awards. Read Our Insights. Read Our Insights. We Connect Technology, Talent & Heart. Saggezza is part consultancy, part technology and all about our people.

2. Saggezza | About Us - About Us - Saggezza Inc.

Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth. With nearly 500 technology and business consultants and offices on three continents, Saggezza empowers organizations to unlock the power of enterprise data, uncover new opportunities and create innovative ...

3. Saggezza | Contact Us - Saggezza Inc.

Saggezza Inc. 1250 Borregas Avenue #63. Sunnyvale, California 94089. United States. +1 408 785 6529. SHOW ON MAP.

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Saggezza's automation practice offers proven solutions, custom development and an understanding of what it takes to attract and keep your clients.

5. Saggezza | Understanding Blockchain - Saggezza Inc.

The collector’s piece was later auctioned at Christie’s for a cool $160,000. The most interesting component of a blockchain is its network. Rather than this type of network being managed by a single entity, it is managed by a peer to peer network like the above. When an individual joins the network, they receive a full copy of the blockchain.

6. The Entrepreneur Series: Veera Budhi - Saggezza Inc.

Saggezza. Veera Budhi grew up in the West African country of Benin. Born in India, he moved back for his secondary education. He received his Bachelor of Computer Science from Bharathidasan University, and then his Master of Computer Science from the University of Madras. Having grown up with parents who owned their own business, Veera had good ...

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Saggezza SSO ... Login

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The duo pitched to VC’s and even Google at one point, and as time went on, the product evolved into CafeXplorer. CafeXplorer was a live streaming platform where users could create an event, charge for it, stream it, and allow people to ask questions, all on one platform.

9. Saggezza | Sunderland: a fast-growing tech community has ...

In the News. Insights. Sunderland is home to one of the fastest growing digital technology clusters in the UK, with a 26% working population increase in just four years. The city also had the highest digital tech birth rate (19.3% ) in the UK in 2015. This was against an average of 15.2% and a non-digital sector UK average of 11.6%.

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