Limelight Networks, Inc.

LIMELIGHT NETWORKS, INC. - Limelight Networks

$100 to $500 million (USD)
501 to 1000+ Employees
CEO Limelight Networks, Inc.

CEO: Robert Lento

Limelight Networks wants to be the center of attention for digital content providers. The company offers services for delivering media files such as video, music, games, software, and social media, via the Internet. Limelight Networks also provides on-demand and live streaming services for content in all major formats, including Adobe Flash, MP3 audio, QuickTime, RealNetworks RealPlayer, and Windows Media. Its more than 1,800 customers include social network site Myspace, video game company Electronic Arts, and software giant Microsoft. Limelight Networks' clients provide content through a variety of devices, including PCs, mobile phones, and digital video recorders.

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1. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Provider

Cloud Security. Limelight’s edge services platform removes the barriers to the highest quality online video experiences and edge-enabled workflows and accelerates the next generation of realtime, interactive and immersive content.

2. Career Opportunities | Limelight Networks

Aug 26, 2015  · Limelight's culture enables employees to choose the work style that best meets their needs on the job and in their personal lives. Flexibility to manage your time off in a way that is most meaningful to you. Virtual model that allows you the opportunity to work remotely. Paid holidays. Career Development Opportunities.

3. Live Streaming CDN | Live Video | Limelight Networks

Aug 22, 2016  · Limelight’s solutions for Live Streaming Video provide a complete cloud-based, end-to-end workflow. Automatic transcoding and transmuxing on-the-fly to multiple formats simplifies content conversion. Low-latency streaming helps delivery of real-time live video events. Limelight’s CDN distributes your content globally and offers a ...

4. Locations & Contact Information | Limelight Networks

A global network demands a global presence. Check out our locations to find the one closest to your business.

5. Global Private Network | Limelight Networks

Jul 02, 2018  · Our global network covers every region of the world with compute resources in strategically located Point of Presence (PoPs) across the globe. Limelight also boasts direct peering connections to more than 1,000 ISPs and leading public cloud providers, providing the lowest latency with the highest bandwidth and availability compared to typical ...

6. Video CDN | Video Content Delivery Provider | Limelight ...

The Limelight Video Platform is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage and distribute online video to media devices everywhere. Limelight's online video platform is the only major OVP fully integrated with a CDN, letting you easily manage and distribute video content without the need for custom coding or integration to a separate content ...

7. Limelight Networks - Fournisseur de Content Delivery ...

Utilisez notre réseau de diffusion de contenu (CDN) pour offrir la meilleure expérience à vos clients. Diffusez vos vidéos, contenus web, applications et exploitez vos données IoT de manière rapide, fiable et sécurisée.

8. State of Online Gaming 2021 Report - Limelight

Mar 16, 2021  · State of Online Gaming 2021. Consumers seeking entertainment and social interaction are increasingly turning to video games. According to our just-released State of Online Gaming 2021 online video game playing over the past year increased in both popularity and time spent playing. While some things such as high expectations for performance remain a top …

9. Limelight Networks : Médias et Broadcasters

Les services du réseau de diffusion de contenu (CDN) Limelight Networks permettent de gérer et proposer des vidéos live et à la demande en offrant la meilleure expérience possible à …

10. Web Content Delivery -

Dans le monde digital, chaque seconde compte. Accélérez votre site Web pour convertir vos visiteurs en clients en leur proposant une expérience fluide, partout dans le monde et sur n'importe quel appareil.

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