Honda Aircraft Company

HONDA AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Honda Aircraft Company

$100 to $500 million (USD)
1001 to 5000+ Employees
CEO Honda Aircraft Company

CEO: Michimasa Fujino

At Honda Aircraft Company, we are enhancing people’s lives through innovative technology in aviation with the betterment of humankind in mind. For over six decades, Honda has been a global symbol for intelligent and efficient technologies that have contributed to continual human progress and have radically advanced personal mobility worldwide. Honda’s commitment to taking personal mobility skyward to support the change-makers of tomorrow gave birth to Honda Aircraft Company. We are more than creators of technologically advanced aircraft — we are the bridge between people and the connection to the world around us.

As the only established automobile company to successfully enter the aviation market with type certification, we are pioneers in challenging conventional notions in this industry. We use our newcomer status to our advantage by finding innovative solutions to transform business aviation and make it more efficient and accessible. As Honda’s most novel division, we embody a start-up company culture of embracing creativity and diversity of thought, as well as our President and CEO Michimasa Fujino’s vision of revolutionizing the aviation industry with imagination and an unwavering spirit of innovation. Today, our dynamic team is taking on the modern challenges of mobility and creating aircraft at the intersection of art and engineering.

For the past three consecutive years, the HondaJet has defied all odds as an industry newcomer and has achieved the coveted No. 1 delivery status in its class. This achievement was only possible due to our Honda culture of always striving to exceed expectations and thinking outside the box. Our goal is to continue creating the most cutting-edge and low-emission technologies for our aircraft and this can only be accomplished with passionate, big-hearted dreamers. Come join our diverse team of visionaries to reimagine and develop the future of mobility in the skies.

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